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Forex – you have definitely heard about it, you’ve seen it being mentioned on the financial channel or even seen it being mentioned by prim and proper newscasters on the BBC or Bloomberg, but do you actually know what it is all about? Sure, it is about currency but how does the system work? How is it you can make money from money you know nothing about? This article is to educate you, a sort of Forex made easy; telling you what Forex trading is all about.

The market that is related to this topic is a market that deals strictly in currencies. Normally, people who deal with Forex buy a large amount of another countries currency in exchange for paying for another currencies quantity. Confusing? Yes it can be. Basically it is the buying and selling of different forms of money and you make money when one currency gets stronger or when grows weaker. The market will always try to balance itself out when one currency gets weaker, so you can actually make money both ways. A downturn in a currency could mean big bucks for you as other currencies will be stronger against it. Here the U.S dollar is the normal benchmark but some might argue that in today’s market, it might be the Euro or even the British Sterling Pound. Well that is another matter for another day.

Being the hugest and most liquid financial market in today’s world, it sees the participation of banks, a large amount of commercial companies, hedge funds, investing firms, brokers, trading firms and even other smaller players. Multi national companies who have a lot to play with and the rest by smaller firms, brokers and individuals take up most of the action. This market sets itself apart from other markets because of its nature – being a true 24 hour market, accessible at any time, liquid beyond measure, nomadic in nature and how there are literally thousands of factors that affect exchange rates -and the way you can make or lose money. A quick look at the top currency traders and you will notice that they are ALL banks – banks deal with money and it is only natural that they trade in it as well.

Here is how it works. You buy lets say 100, 000 dollars of the U.S dollar by selling the British pound at a certain price. You are doing this because you know through your media monitoring and watching the U.S market that they are coming out of a recession and re-development is in the works. Trading is back at full swing and employment numbers are running high. This means demands go up and the elasticity of the market demands that prices go up and trading intensifies. Part of your money will go to the U.S or it might be spread out in different companies (depending on where the U.S has stakes in) and in the end of the day, the dollar gets stronger – when you bought it in its weaker stage. Voila. You have made money.

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