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Online FX trading is also known as forex, foreign exchange or currency trading. It’s a speculative form of investment trading, a way of making money by trading on changes in currency prices. If you are interested in getting involved, it is very simple these days because it can be done on your own computer from your home or office.

If you are not sure how you could make money from currency price changes, it is very simple to explain. You probably already know that different countries use different currencies and these have a value that changes. For example you may hear about the dollar strengthening, which means that the value of the dollar is rising compared with other currencies. The value of the dollar usually rises when the American economy is strong compared with other countries.

Currency prices are constantly changing, going up or down in response to news, economic reports or market activity. This means that a forex trader can deal in currency to make a profit, just a stock trader would do. You buy when a currency is rising and sell when it is falling, in just the same way.

The difference from stock trading is that currencies do not have an absolute value but are always priced relative to another currency. When you buy or sell, you are in fact always exchanging one currency for another. This means that you will always deal in a pair of currencies, which might be the euro and the US dollar. This pair is usually written EUR/USD and it has the highest trading volume of any forex pair.

Online FX trading uses leverage and margins to increase the value of trades. This means that you only need a small balance in your trading account to control very large sums. The most common leverage used by forex brokers is 100 times. This means that $100 in your account can control a position size of $10,000, or $1000 can control $100,000. As you can imagine, when you are dealing with these kinds of figures a small percentage change in the price can come out to a big profit or loss.

Because of the risk of loss, it is important to understand how and why currency prices change and to follow a good system which will give you clear signals on when to open and close a trade. Most of these systems rely on analyzing charts and mathematical indicators which you can access from inside most broker accounts.

Alternatively you may choose to use an automated forex trading system to trade for you. These are the forex robots which have become very popular over the past few years as they have become more and more accurate. There is still room for error and it is important to understand the settings of your robot thoroughly and test it in a demo account before you start online FX trading for real.

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