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Basics of Limited Liability Company Formation in California

After the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies LLC as a pass-through-entity in 1988, all states passed legislations allowing the creation of LLC within their respective territories. It includes the state of California, which enacted The Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act in 1996 that paves the way for the creation of the limited liability company within the California’s jurisdiction.

Initially, the California laws taxed LLC as a partnership with pass-through-entity tax treatment unless LLC owners declared to be taxed at the entity level.

Limited Liability Company: Five Most Commonly-Asked Questions

Have you ever encountered “LLC”? Maybe you have noticed some business firms having such three letters instead of the letters “Co.” which signifies their business entity as a corporation. If you are unfamiliar with business trends, you will find it hard to understand what is LLC and its attributes.

This article will give you insights and basic ideas about LLC by answering five of the most commonly-asked questions with regards to the subject. In case you are planning to establish you own business, you can use these questions and answers as a guide if you will consider LLC as part of your business identity. Continue reading and learn more about LLC.

Basics of LLC: Key Features that you Do Not Want to Miss

Being an entrepreneur is not just simple. You need to have an “eye” and an “ear” to all corners of the business industry. If you are just starting your business, you need to decide what products or services are the hottest in the market. You should also consider the business structure of your company, whether you will go on sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. It will help you a lot in terms of efficient business operation and good profit.

Frequently-Asked Questions Before Starting an LLC

Protection for your personal assets? Protection of your company’s income against double taxation? Allocation of shares and profits according to the shareholder’s efficiency and performance? You can found all of these in the limited liability company, or most commonly known as LLC.

LLC owners have personal limited liability on the company’s debts and obligations. In other words, if you are an LLC owner, your company’s creditor can not go after your personal assets such as a piece of real property or a personal bank account as payment for the obligations of your company. You will only lose the money you have invested on the LLC. Nothing more than that.

Form an LLC: Facts you Should Know About

Before enjoying the benefits and advantages of having a limited liability company, you need to form one within your state or to any other state you wish your business will operate. In forming LLC, there are considerations you need to keep in mind. First, you will form an LLC to protect both your personal and corporate assets as well as the income of your company against financial predators. Second, you want to effectively serve your client’s interest by decentralizing the management of the company and distribute responsibilities and obligations among your co-owners, including yourself.

LLC versus C and S Corporation: Which One is Better?

You and your colleagues decided one day to form an engineering consultation firm. After you have decided on the financial matters, you are now planning to adopt a business structure that will be the identity of your company. A corporation structure may suit your business needs. However, one of your friends suggested that you adopt an LLC business structure instead of a corporate structure.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement: Facts you Need to Know

One of the essential elements of a limited liability company or LLC is the creation of an LLC Operating Agreement. Although other states do not require LLC owners to have an operating agreement, it is still recommended that you have one for your LLC. For what reason, continue reading and learn more about the LLC Operating Agreement.

Just like the bylaws in a corporation, an LLC Operating Agreement is the governing principles that make an efficient LLC management and business operation. It allows you to plan your financial and working aspects of the company with your co-owners in a way that will suit all your preferences. In the operating agreement, you and your co-owners will decide on the percentage of ownership, the share of profits, and the rights and obligations of each individual owner of the LLC.

Incorporate vs. LLC: Which Three Letters Should be Placed at the End of your Business Firm’s Name?

Incorporate (Inc.) and LLC (Limited Liability Company). Both are significant, yet it has different features. Which of these three letters should you incorporate in your business name and why? This question will be answered through the discussion in this article with regards to the similarities, differences, and the advantages of incorporating and forming an LLC.

To decide whether you need to incorporate or form an LLC, let us first look on the similarities and differences of these two types of business structure.

The major similarities between LLCs and incorporation are as follows:

Delaware LLC: Business is an advantage!

Delaware limited liability companies are popular in the United States. It is the legal way of escaping taxes that most wealthy people do. However they will undergo difficulties of establishing a Delaware Limited Liability company explaining all its methods and processes regarding tax paying. The tax authorities in US completely disregarded a Delaware Limited Liability Company for income tax purposes.

Delaware Limited Liability Company is allowed to deal in any type of business except banking and insurance activities. It becomes a part of the legal business body but is separated legally from the owner. The owners of the Delaware Limited Liability Company are called members.

What does LLC Stand For?Three Big Letters of Significant Business Values

Maybe you have already noticed the letters “LLC” as you have a stroll in the business district of your locality. You will find hundreds of business establishments bearing those three big letters at the end of their business names. As far as you know, letters like “Co.” or “Inc.” usually appears at the end of most business names operating in your area. But how did it happen that “LLC” are now the hottest end names in the business industry?

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